Redesign my website


Hi all,

I have updated my website as it’s a bit old. I redesign it with a simple look and modern style. By adding and upgrading functions, it attracts many eyes and helps to navigate easily.

I added a pop-up function for web design showcase. It helps you to look at the images’ details as well as brings your attentions.

There’s no particular contact page on this website. Because you can see the contact form as soon as you visit this website. If you are interested in using my service, you can simply email me without going to the contact page.

I emphasize the size of images on this website. Bigger pictures help people to see better and bring their attentions more. It’s a simple rule working almost on everything.

I am still working on the compatibility with IE 7. If you are using Internet Explorer 7, you may not be able to see it well. Please update your browser to Internet Explorer 9 or install either Firefox or google chrome. I personally recommend Firefox. It supports all kinds of latest programming languages.

I hope you enjoy my new website ( and please fee free to leave comments if you wish.



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